LeTourneau Copyright Tutorial

Please note that if you have received a notice directing you to take the online tutorial and quiz, you must visit Student Affairs in order to resolve the incident.

If LeTourneau University receives a complaint that copyrighted material is being distributed from a computer that our records indicate is registered to your username, this tutorial is a mandatory part of the resolution process. While LETU does not actively search for instances of copyrighted infringement, we must respond to complaints of illegal activity on the LETU network.

Many online service providers disable the network access of the implicated person immediately upon receipt of the copyright owner's notice. LeTourneau University allows 36 hours for individuals to educate themselves in copyright law and to produce whatever documented permission they have to share the files, make a statement of compliance and take down the materials themselves, or contest the notice if a mistake has been made.

This tutorial provides basic educational materials. Specifically, you will understand how you were identified as sharing copyrighted materials, why doing so is illegal, and what you must do in response to these copyright complaints.